The Heart

It’s a common occurence in the Grant household to have a drink spilled at the table.  In fact it can happen so often that “NOW it’s a meal!” is declared and it’s officially dinner.  So dig in!  It makes me smile, because what could totally ruin a meal has become expected and it leads to all of us laughing together.  It will be something my kids always remember, I’m sure.

This makes me think of the elementary series we’re in the middle of at FaithWorks!  It’s similar to Generosity: The Heart of Giving that adults are hearing about in big church except we’re focusing on just the heart.  I personally think that giving comes from being full.  And if we want to help our children grasp giving, we need them to understand where that desire comes from.  Inspired by 1 Corinthians 13, the kids will explore what these mean: faith, hope and love.  This past Sunday the kids talked about what faith is, what it looks like, and why we can have faith in God.  If our kids can have a heart so full of faith that it cannot do anything but spill out and reach someone near them, that’s what we’re after!

The kids each filled out one red heart card, similar to the ones you’ve received in the mail.  They were asked to write on it the name of someone who has helped them know about Jesus.  Many say Mom and Dad, some mention grandparents.  A few wrote down their small group leader or a teacher.  One boy in particular filled out at least eight cards!  He included his parents, his family, his small group, his small group leader, the FaithWorks! praise team, Mrs. Besse (the FaithWorks! praise team leader), Ladder 3:16 (the Firehouse praise team who leads worship in FaithWorks! occasionally), and others.  This young boy is getting filled up to the brim!  Watch out for him!  He’s about to spill!

And when that happens, God will smile because this is something He expects.

This Sunday, we’ll continue filling up these kids!  But in addition to faith, we’ll add hope.

Faith works,  Karen


About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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