Kids Sharing With Kids

This Christmas, the FaithWorks! kids are once again sharing a Christmas gift with friends.  These friends go school just like our kids.  They have homework just like our kids.  They have families just like our kids.  They just happen to live on the other side of town.  And they just happen to need a little help once in a while.  Each Sunday, the FaithWorks! kids walk in with dollars and coins in their fists.  They bring it knowing that we are saving up our money to help our friends.  All they really need to know is that these kids we call “friends” need help and they’re eager to pitch in.

We are getting so close to reaching our goal!  We want to provide a meal for every student at Harrison Primary Center.  These will be taken home a few days before winter break.  Our hope is that they will have at least one balanced meal during these two weeks.  That may not sound like much but most of these kids only eat when they receive a free breakfast and lunch at school.

This means that we are going to pack up over 500 meals for the kids at Harrison this Christmas!  Jesus says, in Matthew 25, that when we help our friends who are thirsty and hungry, it’s like we are doing something nice for Him too.  That’s exciting to Him!

We’re going to be busy packing bags on Sunday, December 11 during the FaithWorks! hour.  You might want to make sure your kids are there to join in the fun.  We should all be excited about what our FaithWorks! kids are up to!  Their generosity never fails.

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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