To Make Ready A People

I love these words, “to make ready a people.”  This is what the angel, Gabriel, told Zechariah:  you and Elizabeth will have a son and he will help “make ready a people prepared for the Lord”  (Luke 1:17).  God knew that there would need to be preparation in order to welcome His Son, Jesus, and sent John the Baptist to help out.  He knew the hearts of the people would need to be ready, clean and empty in order to have room for this newborn King.

The kids have been preparing for this year’s celebration of Jesus’ birth!  There are about 65 kids participating in this year’s FaithWorks! Family Christmas Eve service!!  Sixty-five!   Wow. I need a few friends to help me count that on my fingers!  These kids have been showing up at choir rehearsal, learning how to ring bells, standing in freezing cold temperatures to have their pictures taken, learning how to rap, memorizing dance moves, trying on costumes, stepping out of their comfort zone to overcome shyness, belting out a chorus loudly and with joy, and saying “yes” to praying out loud in front of a full house.

This Sunday, they’ll hear in FaithWorks! that it takes more than rehearsals and props and costumes to be ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  WE need to “make ready.”  WE need to have hearts that are ready, clean and empty so that there’s room for Him.  Where do we start?  Just take a look inside:  what do you see there?  what’s filling it up?  what do you have room for?  what do you need to clean out?  But don’t just look, “make ready.”

The FaithWorks! Family Christmas Eve service (at 4:00pm by the way!) will be a joyful celebration!  All the preparation for singing, acting, sharing will be worth it!  It will be that great time of kids “bringing their parents to church.”

But most of all, it will be worth seeing our “ready” kids filled up with the love of Jesus Christ.  You won’t want to miss this.

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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