Summer is here! Oh wait…is that snow?

Camp registration is open!  Kids heading into Kindergarten in the fall…and on up…can begin thinking about summer!

Usually you hear about the mammoth swing, the zip line, the beach and rightly so because these are consistently ranked “Totally Awesome” by over 88% of the campers.  For kids who have never been to camp, pictures and videos of these activities are what usually get them to try it out.

But today, yep, the snow is falling, the ground is completely white, winter is really here.  It’s hard for me to notice though because I’m knee deep in summer camp planning!  I spent some time last week with Camp Lakewood’s camp manager putting together the curriculum we’ll be using in July.  I’m currently working on the camper journal…and the more I work through it the more excited I get!!

However, it’s not the mammoth swing, the zip line, or the beach that make my heart pump faster.  It’s the 46 campers who went home last summer with a better understanding of God’s love for them.  It’s the 38 other campers who went home having asked Jesus to be their Best Friend forever for the very first time.  It’s because kids went home saying:

“I will pray your name every day till I can’t pray no more.”
“I will share Jesus’ love with my family.”
“I want to bring my mom to church with me.”
“I won’t get angry at small things, maybe.”
“I’ll sing and dance more.”
“I want to not fight with my sister anymore.”
“I will pray, love, and know that God is with me.”
“I will change how I feel about God and Jesus.”
“I will talk to God more often and read my Bible a little more too.”

These are not rote answers.  These are responses to an experience.  These kids not only challenged themselves with the mammoth swing, jumped off into nowhere and let the zip line carry them, and flew through the air off the blob, they had an opportunity to experience God.

They stopped to notice His creation all around them – hard to do in front of a TV.  They learned about and read stories of God’s power and strength – hard to do with a DSi in your hand.  They sang and danced and worshiped God to about 10 songs every day – hard to do in 10 minutes on a Sunday.  They learned that people, who they’ve never met before, care about them because God cares about them – hard to experience in one recess a day.  They learned that God loves them no matter what – hard to do when you don’t have time during a busy day to listen.

I know many of us are already beginning to think about summer.  I hope you will add summer camp to your list to consider for your child.  It is one week that won’t compare to others.  It’s one week that will plant a seed or water what they’ve already got growing.  It’s one week that could change their life.  Forever.

It’s a week I wouldn’t miss for anything.
PS.  Click on our “FW! Happenings” page for dates and info!

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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