Inside Out!

Livin’ inside out.
That’s what it’s all about.
Dare to live.
Dare to shine.
From the inside out.

These are lyrics from a song playing in FaithWorks! as the elementary kids enter the FaithWorks! Center each Sunday during our INSIDE OUT series.  And that’s what we’re teaching our kids.  Usually, something inside out has a dorky tag sticking out.  No fun when someone points that out to you!  But livin’ inside out so much is cooler than that.  It’s livin’ in such a way that your actions show that God’s love cannot be contained on the INSIDE because it’s huger than us and we need to let it OUT!

The FaithWorks! kids this month are collecting needed items for Project WARM.   This shelter, hosted by our cluster churches, is downtown South Bend and houses about 20 men on these cold winter nights.  We started talking about it last Sunday.  I had a fourth grader approach me during the 9:15 hour to ask, “Why aren’t we helping women?”  I tried to explain to her that this particular shelter only housed men and that there were other places appropriate for women and families.  That didn’t satisfy her.  She was really concerned about moms and their kids being out on the streets in the cold.

This is a young heart that is so full that she was spilling from the INSIDE…OUT.  I think her passion will help us reach our goal and then find other ways to help men, women and children in our community!  And splash our little world with some of God’s love.  Watch out South Bend.  We’ve got some kids livin’ inside out.

Faith works,
PS.  The kids have a goal of collecting 50 trial size toothpastes, 50 toothbrushes, and 50 trial size hand lotions.  These can be brought to the FaithWorks! Center on Sunday mornings!

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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