What can you do in three hours?

If I had three hours, I could:
Bake some cookies and have them cool enough to share, or
Sit through my son’s track meet, or
Drive to my in-laws and back home again, or
Make ham & beans with leftover Easter ham, or
Attend my Monday night class at Bethel College, or
Get through a nice-sized pile of laundry, or
Watch the Hunger Games movie.

Each of these would take three hours or less. All are things I recently have done, or wish I had time to do. Like baking. I can smell those chocolate chip cookies that I’d bake right now! Not sure I’d wait for them to be completely cool before dunking one in a glass of cold milk, though. They’d be gone by bedtime, I’m sure, once my family realized they were there.

Three hours. Can sound like a short period of time, considering what seems possible to accomplish within it; can seem like an eternity if you’re a new mom craving a nap!

This Sunday, FaithWorks! begins their “Three For Me!” campaign. We’re asking our congregation to spend three hours with the FaithWorks! kids this summer. Three Sundays: your choice of dates, your choice of hour, your choice of age/grade. We’ll be spending the summer in a series called “Kid 2 Crown” in which we look at the life of David. He started his Biblical career out as a young shepherd boy and grew to be the king! We want the FaithWorks! kids to learn that they too can wear a crown – a heavenly crown!

Three hours. A short period of time in which you can share the love of Jesus Christ and help a child claim their heavenly crown. A crown they’ll wear for eternity.

Three For Me!

You will either receive one of these cards in the mail or have an opportunity to get on this Sunday! Please fill out it and return to the Do Something counter in the narthex this Sunday.  After this Sunday, please give it to me, I’m usually in the FaithWorks! Center all morning!

Three hours. Wow, just think about what you can do in three hours!

Karen Grant

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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