Big. Little. Huge.

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of how a big idea can point to a little idea that can become a huge gift.

One day, the FaithWorks! praise team visited Hope Ministries’ Family Life Center. They had the privilege of singing with the preschoolers who live there and spending some time playing with them. Then they received a tour by Karla Pedue, a Clay Church member who works there. Karla was very patient and answered all of their questions! The kids learned about the people who live there, why they might be there, what their apartments look like, where they wash their clothes, where the kids play, where they do their homework, and even where they go to the bathroom.

Later that afternoon, at home, a mom and her kids had a conversation.  One comment, from her preschooler, led to the birth of a new ministry. This young boy suggested they buy these people a house! What a big idea from such a little guy! Unfortunately the mom had to convince him that his idea wasn’t going to be possible! They began to brainstorm ways that their family really could help make someone’s stay at the Family Life Center a little better.

Together, they decided to bake birthday cakes for the children! Each month, the Martin family (Jon, Andrea, Ainsley, Aiden & Landon) takes a stack of homemade, frozen, cakes downtown. They are stored and ready for a child’s birthday. When the time comes, the parents are able to pick out a cake and frost it!

What could sound like such a little thing, is actually brilliant! What child doesn’t want a cake on their birthday?! What parent doesn’t want to be able to make their child’s birthday special?!

Tonight at the THRIVE lock-in (THRIVE’s our preteen ministry for 4th & 5th graders) the kids will be creating “birthday bags” to go with these cakes. They will include a can of frosting, some candles, some basic birthday party stuff: balloons, noise makers, etc.; and a handmade birthday card. The bags will be decorated, prayed over and delivered to Hope with the cakes.

Our hope is that these children have a big smile on their face because they know they are special regardless of their circumstances. Our hope is that they feel loved. Our hope is that their parents know that someone cares. Our hope is that they feel God’s love poured out on them. That’s a huge gift.

Just one more way that the FaithWorks! kids show that faith works.  And one more reason to be blown away by their generous hearts (and their families who support their ideas)!

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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