FaithWorks! leaders are leaving fingerprints everywhere!

People who examine fingerprints are required to have extensive training. They have to be able to determine if fingerprints match. I understand that no two people have identical fingerprints and I watch on TV all the time how computers can find out who someone is just by a smudge or partial smudge left behind.  But what I didn’t know is that someone’s fingerprint can look slightly different from one inky print to another inky print of the same finger! I just read a Wikipedia entry about this very thing…I know Wikipedia isn’t the greatest resource, but it was right there, popping up for me to read first when I Googled “fingerprint.” I guess there are “friction ridges” on our fingers, which make up our fingerprints. And these ridges collect dirt, sweat, oil, and even ink which can cause the print to look a little different! It takes a close eye to verify a match!

As we wrap up a school year, I am mindful of an amazing team of people who have been leaving “fingerprints” on our FaithWorks! kids each week. These are people who have been committed to being with their small group on Sunday mornings. And they have been “Jesus with skin on” for them. They have been prepared; dedicated; patient; arriving with a servant’s heart; modeling worship, prayer & study. They dance with them. They sing with them. They listen to them. They encourage them. They learn with them. They open the Bible with them. They even discipline them.

They know your child by name.

Every thing they do with your child is leaving a “fingerprint” on their young faith journey. Each week, they smudge them up with something that looks a little different, but if you look closely, it’s the same “fingerprint.”

It’s God. It’s Jesus Christ. It’s the Holy Spirit. It’s love. It’s forgiveness. It’s hope. And it’s placed there by someone who they only see once a week. Someone who cares for them and loves them and looks forward to seeing them again.

These are the people who have spent the last nine months with the FaithWorks! kids:
Amy & Matt Romanin; Summer King; Jon Martin; Eric & Machelle Seese; Jill Riggs; Brad Citter; Marina Collier; Doug Farmwald; Bill Weaver; Dodi Carnall; Joan Keeler; Rachel Holmes; Myshelle Babcoke; Shelly Parpart; Hillary Carnall; Colin Grant; Jack Deahl; Shelby Green; Ben Tadevich; Nicole Cameron; Holley Cowling; Katie Inabnit. Kevin & Ryann DeMoss; Judy & Tom Rossow; Kurt & Julie Ohlson; Don & Noelle Elliott; Kyle & DeAnn Look; Andrea Martin; Christian Sofhauser; Leslie Lehner; Nelly Cameron; Tessa Griffin; Bella Griffin; Jacob Tadevich; Linda Looney; Jean Womer; James Parpart. Kathie Besse.

I hope you just took time to read through this list and didn’t skip over it. I hope you recognized a name or two on it. I hope you’ll take the time to pray for them, say thank you to them, and look for the “fingerprints” they’ve left on your child this year.

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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2 Responses to FaithWorks! leaders are leaving fingerprints everywhere!

  1. Amit Ddhabalia says:

    Amazing article. Reflects great optimism and admire your Faith in the divine….

    Found you on Twitter and that’s how I landed to this beautiful Article.

    • Karen Grant says:

      Thank you! I have a passion for kids knowing their Maker. And it’s beautiful to watch others help make that happen. I am very thankful for the people who serve God along side of me!

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