Not doing VBS?! What’s up with that?!

Many of you are asking, “When is VBS this year? I haven’t heard anything about it.”

That’s because we’re not “doing VBS” this year. In my opinion, we haven’t been “doing VBS” for some time. Call me old-fashioned, but Vacation Bible School to me is when a church opens its doors on summer break and the community kids come streaming in! It’s usually a time to spend a week running, jumping, dancing, crafting and singing with kids we’ve never seen before. It’s usually a time of busting at the seems as we stuff as many kids in the building as we can! It’s usually a time to meet parents and invite them to worship with us on Sunday morning. It’s usually a time to introduce a young heart to the love of Jesus Christ.

What I’ve seen over the past few years is a lot of FaithWorks! kids coming to VBS (Yes, having a blast, but the FaithWorks! team works very hard to make every Sunday special for them). Fewer and fewer friends and neighborhood kids are showing up or being invited. And God’s been tugging at my heart to be in ministry outside the walls of Clay Church. So we’ve decided to take VBS and turn it back into an outreach! We’re taking the message of Jesus Christ into the neighborhoods. FaithWorks! is leaving the building.

We’ll be hosting Step Up 2012 in four different locations. The first of which, on June 25, is for our own FaithWorks! kids, their friends, and the kids of the neighborhoods surrounding Clay Church. This event will take place at Clay NORTH. Then we’ll pick up and on Tuesday host Step Up 2012 at Hope Ministries’ Family Life Center for the kids who live there. On Wednesday we’ll pick up and go into the LaSalle Neighborhood and meet the kids there. That’s where Clay Church delivers food at Easter time. Then we’ll wrap up the week in Niles, Michigan at East Side Park. Some of our new families are from Niles and would like to reach out into their community.

So…you won’t hear me use the words Vacation Bible School this summer. We’ll be promoting Step Up 2012, where kids will learn that they are a masterpiece, created by God, and that their bodies are worth caring for!  They will run, jump and dance the evening away! Each child attending will receive a pedometer, a water bottle, a healthy dinner and learn free ways to have fun while exercising their body!!

No registration for the kids is necessary. And this event is FREE!

We’ll need adults like you and youth to help make this happen. I’d like to encourage you to volunteer at one or more nights. And any night that you volunteer, your children can come along with you and have fun all over again…meeting new friends at the same time 🙂 You can sign up to volunteer here.

It will be one more summer where kids can learn about how much God loves them. It will be another year where they have a blast! But they’ll do it with kids from all over the community! It’s going to be great watching what God will do with this!

See you there!

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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