Step Up 2012 Favorite Pics!

We have now completed two days of Step Up 2012. We have served 76 kids at Clay Church on Monday and 29 kids at Hope Ministries’ Family Life Center today. Here are my favorite photos and why they mean a lot to me:

This one was taken Monday night, Day 1. These kids are dancing their little hearts out making their way around the field in a congo line! But look at their leader’s face! He is having a blast with these kids!! I love this picture because it captures the kind of people who are serving in FaithWorks! They are fun, energetic, Jesus-loving, Jesus-sharing dedicated people! And I am blessed by them and honored to work along side of them. Every Sunday, every event like this, they are there helping our kids Step Up their relationship with Jesus Christ.

This one was taken tonight, Day 2. It shows beautifully what we have been teaching the kids: that God created each and every one of us to be unique and special. Our eye color, our hair color, our skin color is EXACTLY how God wanted it! And I believe He creates each and every one of us with a smile on his face! Tonight kids from two very different worlds came together, yet they really had no idea. They jumped the same, ran the same, danced the same. Kids from Clay Church and kids from Hope Ministries Family Life Center were just kids. And they learned that we all can Step Up their connection with God through prayer.

So far, we’ve raised the heart beat of over 100 kids. And a bunch of youth and adults. We’ve logged in a ton of steps on our pedometers (depending on which kid you ask: could be 582 or a billion!). And we’ve jumped rope, brooms, and “rivers” made of beach towels. And we’re ready to do it again tomorrow! Check back for my favorite pictures!

Faith works,

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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