When we care for God’s world…

If you had walked in the FaithWorks! office a few months ago, you would have seen a plant sitting on our windowsill that was a yellowish green, pretty sickly looking and had short leaves that liked to fall on the table to decorate it. Summer King and I had thought long and hard about throwing that plant out because it really was an eye sore. And it caused us to question our plant care capabilities! It doesn’t feel good when you are constantly reminded of a shortcoming like that…

Today, we have this plant on the windowsill! It’s a beautiful shade of green, long and tall leaves, with babies cascading down. When the sunlight shines through the leaves it has this beautiful glow about it. I don’t know it’s technical name but my mom would call it a spider plant. It is a joy to watch it grow and we are having to consider new pot options and a larger area for it to thrive in! We smile and laugh when we catch ourselves talking about this plant that way!

Want to know the real difference in these two plants? There really is none. They are one in the same. The only difference is that Summer and I have started watering the plant on a regular basis!! We now care for the plant in the right way and it is responding to the gift of water! We laugh at how simple that is. A little water. A lot of growth.

We just started a new series with the elementary children about caring for God’s world. We started off this past Sunday with a look at the creation story, noting that sin crept in and changed the dynamics of this perfect world and perfect relationship that God created for us. The kids had time to consider what they think about God, what He means to them, and if they want His Son, Jesus, to be their Forever Friend. (We had four children ask Jesus to be their Forever Friend that morning!)

Each week, we will continue to look for God in His creation around us. We will learn that as we care for God’s world, we show Him that we want to have that perfect relationship with Him, we show that we want to obey Him, that we show our gratitude to Him, show respect to others, and take care of the needs of others.

If kids can learn to be good stewards of God’s creation, we believe they can become good stewards of their own lives along the way. As you are challenged in big church about giving your all, we are challenging your kids to do the same.

This silly, green plant on the window sill will continue to remind me that when we take care of God’s creation in the way it was intended, growth occurs! When we care for God’s world, it will bloom and grow closer and closer to what God intended it to be!

Looking forward to talking with the elementary kids on Sunday about how all of this can change our lives!


About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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