I know. I know.

It’s Thanksgiving tomorrow! It seems wrong to be thinking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, as I’m one of the first to complain when Christmas stuff is out in the stores shortly after the 4th of July, but last night we started our Christmas Eve rehearsals! And last night, Clay Church’s North Campus was a-buzz with kids! Here are just a few of my favorite things that happened last night – of which I am truly thankful for:

  • A few preschool boys demonstrated to their fellow choir members how a cow might eat from a manger!
  • Our set designer learned that saying, “Go nuts!” to second graders with paint brushes in their hands is not the best advice.
  • Grandparents showed up with their grandkids ready to help 🙂
  • Music isn’t necessary for boys to break out into the worm while waiting in line to be video taped!
  • Video taping had to be paused several times because the Christmas music coming from the other rooms was too loud. Love it.
  • Heard 20 kids share what they’d buy their parents if they had a million dollars and realized that they don’t have a clue how much that really is! Cute. Cute. Cute.

Just a few reasons that I love working with kids!

If you haven’t done so already, after eating turkey and pumpkin pie tomorrow, make plans to be at the FaithWorks! Family Christmas Eve Service. It’s at 4:00 p.m. These kids, and more, will be there and we’ll celebrate Jesus’ birthday FaithWorks! style. You won’t be disappointed.

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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