Drum Roll, Please!

They did it!

And I don’t just mean the kids. The kids and their families. The kids, their families and God.

I have been writing, over the past few months, about stories of God feeding people. Well, He’s done it again. And like in John 6, a child’s offering has grown to feed over a thousand people. This time it’s not bread and fish, but macaroni & cheese, tuna and peas.

What’s interesting though, is that we didn’t meet our goal one can at a time, one box at a time, one meal at a time. We met our goal in a variety of ways and we couldn’t have reached it without any one of these:

  • We have been saving the offering the children shared every Sunday this fall, along with a few generous donations from our congregation this month. This allowed us to purchase at least 500 of each of these items at a reduced rate from the Food Bank.
  • 752 boxes of macaroni & cheese, 855 cans of tuna, and 572 cans of peas have been carried into the FaithWorks! center by the FaithWorks! children, the families of Clay Church and our ECP preschool.
  • We had a goal of feeding 1,400 students at two local elementary schools (based on last years’ numbers) – we focused on the “1,400” and God focused on the “students.”
  • There are closer to 1,100 students this year between the two schools (due to the voucher system and/or school of choice) which means we have enough food to hand a bag to each and every one!
  • AND we have enough money left over to purchase some cookies for each bag and a candy cane for each student!!

Miracle in the Manger_TITLEI’m looking forward to sharing with the children not just that they met a goal, but that they are doing God’s work in the world. They are learning to “make room” for God in their lives and it shows. I wish we could take all of the FaithWorks! children into the school next week so that each one could personally meet the students at Harrison or Lincoln Primary Center. But that’s a goal for next year. Hmmm. Now that’s something to think about. How big is the church van?

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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