It’s not homework. It’s a conversation.

Each month in FaithWorks!, we focus on one virtue. This month the elementary kids are learning about “peace,” which means, “proving you care more about each other than winning an argument.” That can be tough for a kid (and me)! This week in particular we’ll focus on walking away from a fight.

My daughter, Ashley, and I are a lot alike, and sometimes butt heads. Ever do that with one of your kids? I have many memories of us playing tug-of-war over something. It could have been as simple as what she could wear to school or a little more complex, like when she had to be home on a Saturday night. Some of these I won and some I walked away from. Not sure that all of those I walked away from were successful (meaning that I did not win!). Some of these battles I’m not happy with how I handled. But we were able to live in peace.

My daughter came home this past week, which was a last minute decision. She lives about 3,400 miles away and coming home is not an easy thing. But it was something she really wanted to do before her school year starts (she teaches in Costa Rica, who’s school year is from February to November). We didn’t have major plans and didn’t do anything extravagant: we played lots of games, went to movies, ate lots of food, and laughed a lot.

We all have ideas of what we want for our children, what we want their lives to turn out like, how we want them to turn out as grown up people. I always knew Ashley would grow up, move out into the world, claim it as her own, and go! So when she wanted to spend time at “home,” it melted my heart. Somewhere, somehow, over the years, she learned where home was and it is important to her. What mom doesn’t want that?

But we also want our kids to grow up to know God, call Him their Savior and Lord, and live a life that shows that. Isn’t that what we ultimately want?

Over the course of this year, we will be working on twelve ways your child can take a step closer being who God created them to be, a step closer to having a healthy relationship with Him, and teaching them ways for their lives to show they love God. Every Sunday you will receive a Parent Cue that will help you know what we covered and some helps to continue that conversation at home. Your elementary aged child will also come home with a God Time paper that gives them four ways to spend time with God during the week.

PreK & K Parent Cues are PINK; Elementary Parent Cues are RED!

PreK & K Parent Cues are PINK; Elementary Parent Cues are RED!

It may not seem like much now. It may seem like a hassle now. It might be that these papers litter your car or kitchen counter and are never looked at. They may seem like one more chore you don’t have time for. But really, typically, they give you a question to talk about over dinner, not a homework assignment that needs some studying.

So next time you receive a Parent Cue at check-in, remember that it’s not about the homework. It’s about your child learning about who God is to you and who your child can become by knowing Him. And at the same time, creating a place called “home.”

Faith works,

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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  1. Mike Meyer says:

    I sent out a message at my office (I teach at the Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame) asking if anyone had any gently used blocks or legos. I had someone respond that they had wooden puzzles. Any interest in these for the kids at Burkino Faso?


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