Why? Because.

Keighra runningCamp is on the FaithWorks! team’s mind almost every day now. It will be here quickly! And this year, we’ve doubled up our commitment. This year we are directing TWO camps for our kids.

Why? Because of that one little girl who is so shy, she can barely speak in her small group. But at Camp Lakewood last summer, I saw something amazing. And it happened by accident. Someone from Clay Church was at camp with us for the day to take pictures and video to be shared in big church. I was walking through the dining hall asking our kids if they would go outside and say in front of the video camera what they loved most about camp.

I was going down the line at the table and asked this one little girl. And before I could grab those words and put them back in my mouth, because I knew I had asked something of her that would put her in an awkward situation and I didn’t want her to feel bad for saying no, she jumps us and says, “Okay!” And marches out the door, grabbed the microphone, and started talking away!

She wouldn’t have had that opportunity on a Sunday morning.

Why? Because that one boy, you know the one, who won’t sit still and never seems to pay attention. The one who’s always ready for what’s next when you’ve just started something. But at Camp Lakewood last summer, when asked what his favorite part of the day was, he answered: Vesper Hill.

Vesper Hill is where we end our days. It’s a time to sit on what I call “holy ground” and ask God to join us as we wrap up our day. It’s quiet there. We sit around the campfire. We talk about what we did during the day, we remember that we learned a Bible verse and we revisit the Bible story we heard in the morning. And we sing. And we pray. And we head off to bed with God being the first and the last thing we experienced that day.

He wouldn’t have had that opportunity on a Sunday morning.

Why? Because of the tall girl, the one who’s a head above the rest of her group. The one who always seems to act tough and never wants help with anything. Becomes the one who needs her entire cabin to encourage her to try out the mammoth swing. And she does. And they gather around her to cheer and celebrate with her!

Why? Because of one of the littlest of girls, who wears the prettiest of dresses and shoes on Sundays, says, “It’s okay to get messy at camp, I guess.”

These opportunities don’t always happen in one hour on a Sunday. But they are opportunities the FaithWorks! team feels are important.

Why you ask? Because of the little boy who sang and danced (and I mean sang and danced!!) everywhere he went because he had asked Jesus to be his Forever Friend and could not contain the excitement.

Not an opportunity that happens often in one hour on a Sunday morning. But something the FaithWorks! team feels is an opportunity not to be missed.

Check out www.beacamper.com. Check out our facebook page and see who else is going to camp (we already have 25 scholarship entry forms in!). Check out our FW! Happenings page to get that form for your child: they can receive $100 toward their registration fee. Talk to parents who have sent their kids in the past. Contact me at karen_grant2@yahoo.com and see who’s on the team (we have lots of Firehouse students AND FaithWorks! parents going to camp as counselors and directors!).

Sign them up. And watch what happens!

Why? Because I said so.

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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2 Responses to Why? Because.

  1. khamaker2818 says:

    I cannot help but smile as I read this…you put so beautifully the plain and simple truth of what our days at Camp Lakewood are like! Life changing experiences happen here at camp and we couldn’t do it without FaithWorks! and other awesome churches and volunteers who come to show Jesus’ love to children!

  2. Karen Grant says:

    And I’ll add to that, Karen, that you have an awesome staff and we love working with you all!

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