Summer happens in FaithWorks! too…

Summer is just around the corner. And I mean just. around. the corner. Some schools are already out, some only have a few days left. Pretty soon kids will be sleeping a little bit later, wearing shorts & tshirts and bare feet, splashing and playing in water, eating more hot dogs and going to bed a little bit later.

That can all be exciting in the life of a child!

So can moving up to the next grade! This coming Sunday, the FaithWorks! kids** will be moving on up! Our kindergarteners will be called “first graders”! I know mom, that’s big. Our fifth graders will be called “sixth graders” and getting eager to cross the street to the Firehouse! I know mom, that’s huge! But don’t worry, they’ll stay in FaithWorks! a while…through the end of July after we get home from Camp Adventure!

13June_standard_VerseNIVSummer is exciting for FaithWorks! too because we introduce the new first graders to the “big room”, all ages 3 and up worship and have teaching time together, and we have Chris Cass back doing our summer drama (third summer in a row now)! We’re getting “back to the basics” and learning the importance of faith, wisdom and friendship as we hang out at Base Camp preparing to climb Mount Everest!

Also, for the third year in a row, we’ve asked our parents to hang with their child and his or her small group for three hours during the summer. This allows our regular leaders, who were committed for the entire year, some time to slow down and refuel and worship with their spouses in big church. It’s not about “calling”, it’s not about “kids are my thing!” It’s about giving our leaders a break.

When I think about three hours, I think:

that’s less than what it will take for my family to drive to Bloomington tomorrow;
that’s fewer hours than I’ll spend sitting at a track meet tomorrow;
that’s less time than it takes to do my family’s laundry on Saturday;
that’s less time than I spent in my backyard pulling weeds last weekend;
that’s shorter than my fave movie “Gone With The Wind” (btw-need to watch again soon!);
it’s about what I spent painting identical pictures with my friends, but not quite;
and it’s less than Gilligan’s three-hour tour turned out to be.

That’s what it’s not. Here’s what it is:

a fraction, a smidge really, okay a dot, if you consider the calendar year;
an opportunity to meet your child’s friends (church friends are important friends to have!);
a chance to smile at a child who may have had a rough morning;
an occasion to share the love of Jesus Christ – just by being there.

That’s an occasion worth being excited about! THANK YOU to all of you who have said “yes!” and turned in a Three For Me card! We have a team consisting of FaithWorks! parents, Firehouse youth and parents, pastors and their wives, congregation members! That sure is exciting for our summer!

For those of you who haven’t turned yours in yet, here it is one more time. You can print this out and give it to our ministry partner at the check-in counter this Sunday. They’ll make sure it gets to the right place!

We have some Sundays that are full of leaders! And we have a few Sundays with only one or two. If you’d like to look at the schedule, here it is as of today.

You can see if there’s a Sunday you can join us! Mark that on your Three For Me card!

You’ll also be able to see when your child does not have a small group leader. Every Sunday we’ll have a board listing what grades/age levels will worship in big church with their families. If your child’s grade is listed, we trust it will be a great experience for them to spend some time with you. Seeing you worship and sharing that is great for kids!

This is not our first choice, but we cannot offer a small group experience without a small group leader. We trust you understand!

Faith works,

**Kids in the 3’s class on up through 5th grade will be promoted to their next grade/class this Sunday. Little ones in the Talker’s Class will not move to their new classroom until September 8.

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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