FaithWorks! will spread the “God Sent Us Jesus” story this Christmas!

FaithWorks! is going to provide and ox and plow to pastors graduating from the Pondou Bible School and spread the “God Sent Us Jesus” story with the people of Burkina Faso this Christmas!

Life in Burkina Faso is not easy for anyone. And for about $600 we can make a difference in the life of one of these pastors and the village in which he shares God’s message. Read on to see how you can help us reach our goal and how it will help forward God’s story in our world.

During my trip there in February, I was able to visit the Pondou Bible School where men, sure of their calling into ministry, spend four years preparing to be pastors (you can read that post here). When school is not in session, they are home planting and growing and harvesting enough food to bring with them when they come back for the next term. If they have a wife and family, they need enough to provide for them as well.

Upon graduation, they are assigned to a village, much like our pastors here. They are provided a place to live in that village, but it is really up to those local people to share some land so that he can plant, grow and harvest what he and/or his family needs to live on every day. If they do not have land, they do not have a way to grow any food to go in their mouths.

I learned there that it would be a great benefit for these pastors if they could move into their villages with an ox and plow in tow! That might entice people to share their land! It might be a means for this pastor to earn a meager income as he hires out his ox and plow to his neighbors! He may make friends very quickly! And in the mean time make it easier for his entire village to provide for their families.

This becomes important when we say we want to share clean water with the ultimate goal of sharing that Living Water we know to be Jesus!


Because as we create healthier people, able to hear a life changing message, we want to make sure these pastors are able to deliver! We want to make sure these pastors are healthy enough and strong enough to share the Good News! There are many messages in this world. And we want to make sure it’s the Right One that crosses their ears.

On Christmas Eve, the offering shared at the FaithWorks! Family Christmas Eve service will go toward a “send off” gift for each graduating pastor at the Bible School at Pondou! Currently there are 28 young men preparing to graduate this spring! Each one will receive a hot shot (which helps save someone from a snake bite), a bag of grain, AND and ox and plow!

  • That’s 28 gifts of $600.
  • That’s 56 gifts of $300. Maybe you’d like to partner with another family!
  • That’s 168 gifts of $100. Maybe you’d like a share in this gift!
  • That’s 700 gifts of $24. The average attendance at our service is about 700! At $24 per person, we can touch the lives of every graduating pastor!
  • A gift of any amount is a blessing!!

Together, we can help strengthen the gift of Living Water to the country of Burkina Faso. A place that has become dear to all of our hearts.

I look forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve! And I look forward to this new step in providing a healthy future and the “God Sent Us Jesus” story around the world. 

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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