Starting Right: Let’s Pray!

This January, Clay Church has been challenged to think about what prayer is, spend five minutes a day praying without asking for anything, and claim holy spaces! Hopefully you’ve opted in for the daily text message reminder and are finding yourself connecting with God on a new level!

Here are five ways you can pray with and claim holy spaces with your child!

  1. Their shoes. Pray with your child as they put their shoes on each morning. Ask God to guide their steps, protect them as they travel through their day, and help them take steps toward sharing God’s love with those around them. Words your child would understand could include: “Lord, let every step my child takes in these shoes today be a reminder that you are really with us always” or “help me to keep from running and walk quietly through the halls of school” or “keep me safe on these icy sidewalks as I walk to the bus stop” or “when I’m playing outside today help me to remember that I may not be first in line and that’s ok” or to bat or to take their turn or or or…
  2. Their lunch. Pray with your child as you make your child’s lunch or hand them money to buy their lunch or talk about what’s on the menu for today. Ask God to keep their bodies healthy. Ask Him to help your child make good & healthy choices when eating. Ask God to make their lunch table a holy place where love is evident. You might encourage them to ask God to “help me eat my carrots before my cookie so my tummy has room for the good stuff!” Maybe they can pray that “I can help the other kids at my table be nicer to each other.” They can also tell God all the things that they think are cool and awesome about the way He created them!
  3. The car. Sometimes it’s easy to get in the car and turn on the radio. Then before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination and are getting out. Try spending the time during one trip to talk about your child’s day. And ask them what they’d like you to pray for. They may have something specific that is important to them that you can talk to God about with them! Kids love to talk about themselves. Allow them some space and time to do just that! Even a car can be holy space.
  4. The table. Dinner seems to a common time to pray. Maybe instead of just asking God to bless the meal, ask everyone to share something great that happened that day AND something that was not so great. Maybe you’ll be surprised to learn something new. Then ask your child to pray. This can also be done at breakfast time or lunch time or any time you sit down with your family. Maybe it’ll even be homework time. Homework time can be a stressful time! But beginning with thanking God for the school day, home, and the opportunity to learn new things may turn that table into holy space, lending a calm presence to that moment!
  5. The bathtub. As your child plays and bathes in the water, talk about why water is good for you! How drinking it is great for growing a strong body and it’s keeps you healthy! Talk about how water cleans our bodies. Try to name all the fishes and animals that God created who live in the water. Talk about how different life is for our friends in Burkina Faso, who have very little clean water. Ask God to help you understand why the world is different in many places and how you can help those around you with less. Kids have a very generous heart and may have some amazing ways to bless others! Let them dream! And ask God to help make those dreams come true.

“The first thing I want you to do is pray. Pray every way you know how, for everyone you know.” 1 Timothy 2:1 MSG

If you are not yet receiving the text reminders every day and want to be included, text CLAYPRAY to 313131! You’ll be able to respond and share how this is working in your life!

About Karen Grant

Children's Minister - FaithWorks! is the children's ministry of Clay Church in South Bend, Indiana.
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