About FaithWorks!

Clay Church has created a unique experience for kids called FaithWorks! that includes worship – in addition to teaching – at 9:15 and 10:45 am.  From an early age, your child will learn the importance of praising our God, hear that they are wonderfully made by God and come to understand that He wants to be their very Best Friend forever.

The littlest ones are loved and cared for in our Infant & Crawlers and Walkers rooms by a great staff.  At around two-and-a-half years they move up to the Talkers room where they are introduced to a classroom setting and songs, lessons and fun, interactive activities are introduced.

Older kids are in small groups based on age or grade: preschoolers are in groups by age; Kindergarten and up are in groups according to their grade.  Part of Sunday morning is spent worshiping God (through music, offering and prayer) and learning from His Word (lessons and stories).  Creative storytelling and drama help kids grasp a story or verse and then time is spent in small groups.  This is where they learn what the Bible story or verse means to us today and what we can do with it when we go home.

All children must be checked in and wear a sticker name tag during the FaithWorks! hour. Parents & children stop at the check in counter, sign in, and the child puts on the sticker name tag and parents keep the claim ticket to give to the child’s leader when picking up at the end of the hour. To help make sure children are safe, no one is allowed in the FaithWorks! hallways unless they are a leader with a leader nametag or a parent/family member with a claim ticket! You will be greeted at the hallway entrance by a “High Five Guy” who is there to make sure only authorized people are in FaithWorks!.

The first Sunday of every month, we have what we call Worship Together! Children, first grade through fifth grade, worship with their families! More details about this can be found on our FW! Happenings page!

Clay Church loves kids and is dedicated to helping them have a faith that works.  Our goal is that your child feels welcome, safe, loved and valued.  And we promise to walk with you as you nurture your child to know Jesus Christ as God’s Son and their own Savior and Lord.

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