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FallRetreat_Instagram_1080x1920_2019-08-26PRETEEN RETREAT AT SPRINGHILL! Our 4th, 5th and 6th graders are going to Spring Hill Nov. 1-3! The cost is $125 per child (scholarships available for those who need help with this cost!). Register your child NOW here! Registration will close October 1. Here’s what we’ll be learning that weekend ~ Life is full of decisions: trying to figure out who we are, what friends to hang out with, how we want to spend our time. Some decisions are hard, some decisions are fun. God invites us to follow him and live a life based on his life & sacrifice. Info & register at below!


WORSHIP TOGETHER! Everyone, from 1st grade on up, attends worship together on the first Sunday of the month at either 9:15 or 10:45 am. We recognize the benefits of children, youth and adults coming together to worship and praise our God! We believe this will help strengthen family bonds. You might notice we bring in special elements on these Sundays to especially speak to children and young families. These include a FaithWorks! character, a “Word of the Day”, or an interactive activity!


We hope this is be a blessing as children and parents and/or grandparents share in worship together! It is exciting to see our whole church body together! FaithWorks! will still be available for our Infant and Crawlers, Walkers and Talkers Rooms, preschoolers and Kindergarteners on those dates!

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3 Responses to FW! Happenings

  1. Meg McQueen says:

    We are interested in events for 5th graders! Can you add our email to your list so we can learn about upcoming events? Thank you!

    Meg McQueen and Family

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