FW! Team

Karent GrantFaithWorks! Children’s Minister

Karen Grant has been on the FW! staff for almost seven years.  She has a passion for working with kids and feels called to help them know Jesus Christ.  “These important childhood years fly by so quickly and we have these few precious years to help a child get it – to know that Jesus Christ created them, loves them best, and wants to be their best friend forever. I see little else more important.”

Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 55:10-11.  “It basically says that God will accomplish what He sets out to do.  This verse is one I go to often when I feel God leading me or the FW! ministry, yet roadblocks get in the way.  It reminds me that my God is bigger than Satan and that God always wins.”

Her favorite FW! memory is from 2012 Camp Lakewood: “In the evenings, we gather at Vesper Hill to spend time with God before going off to bed. This past year, every night we tied a colored rope to the cross – each color representing something from our lesson that day. This particular night, the color was red and reminded us that no matter what, God loves us. I watched a mom, who happened to be on our directing team, pick up her little girl so she could tie the rope on. That vision reminds me of how important it is for parents to take the lead in their child’s spiritual journey and partner with the church. They are the coaches and we really are to be the cheerleaders.”

Her second favorite memory is doing 100 things in 60 minutes on Labor Day weekend!

Karen likes lots of colors, but orange and purple best. She’s glad no one else in her family likes dark chocolate because then her Milky Way Dark doesn’t have to be shared! Karen is married to Tom, and they have three children: Ashley, Tommy and Colin.

Theresa CassFW! Administrative Assistant

Theresa Cass has been on the FW! staff for four years and loves what she does because “I have a passion for teaching children about God’s amazing love for all of us!”  She believes FaithWorks! is a great place for kids to be because “Faith and love for God is the foundation for all things.”

Her favorite Bible verse “comes from Romans 12:9-21, which was read at my wedding.  My favorite verse being 10: “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.””

She thinks Peppermint Patties are yummy and if you were to ask Theresa what her favorite color is, she’d reply, “Since black isn’t a color, I pick gray.”   Theresa is married to Chris and they are the parents of Christa, Ben and Sam, who just turned one!


1 Response to FW! Team

  1. Holly Hamilton says:

    Hello, I was wondering if there are any openings with the preschool/ nursery staff on Sunday mornings? If there are how would I apply? And what is Kelly Noto’s email address if I would need to talk to her?
    Thanks, Holly Hamilton

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